vSTAT - visual Statistical Analysis Tool

vSTAT is an Offline Analysis Tools for quality enhancement in your production. vSTAT allows you to view all connected sensor data on one screen. This viewer is especially made to show web inspection data and thickness data. But various other sensor/system are possible to integerate.




  • Evaluation of product quality in the workplace
  • History analysis of production trends or specific production parameters
  • Process and manufacturing analysis
  • Access to production data via network


System requirements:


  • Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.9, Linux with Desktop (other versions on request)
  • screen resolution min. 1024 × 768 (recommended)
  • at least 2GB of memory (8GB recommended).


The software option "Statistic" within vSTAT allows customized statictics out of the web inspection, thickness measuerment and other sensor data.
We will create your own statistic and usefull ouput out of the collected data. On screen you find directly your quality values.


The software option "overlay" within vSTAT allows to show multiple sensors data overlayed in one diagram. This could be the same sensor, but couls also be different sensors.