Thickness Measurement

Film and Sheet extrusion applications

We can supply the widest range of on-line film thickness measurement and control solutions for blown film, cast film, biax film and sheet. This includes barrier layer thickness measurements for multi-layer films.
Due to our uniquely wide range of sensor technologies available, it can provide true consultative recommendations to its customers offering the most appropriate gauging solution for its customers’ applications.
Our on-line film and sheet measurement systems are available for a wide range of web widths, machine speeds and product thicknesses. In addition, our machine direction and advanced profile controls (APC) plus its full suite of HMI reports help provide superior product quality and significantly reduced scrap.
Measurement techniques include:
  • Infrared transmission
  • Beta transmission
  • X-ray transmission
  • X-ray backscatter
  • Gamma backscatter
From microns to millimeters, our film thickness gauges are recognized worldwide for their accuracy, stability and reliability.

Converting Coat weight and Moisture measurement Solutions

We are able to offer an unrivalled range of web gauging and control technologies available suitable for coat weight measurement, lamination and moisture measurement for converters. This ensures that each system is individually optimized to suit the product, the process and the operational needs of the customer.
Key applications include labelstock and tape, barrier coatings, lamination processes, decorative laminates, aseptic and liquid packaging for a whole range of water or solvent based or solventless coatings on paper foil and film substrates. Critical moisture measurements of coating and re-moisturising processes can also be provided using infrared technology. Ultra thin coatings can be measured on shiny metallic substrates using the unique “lacquer on foil” gauge.

Non-Woven Gauging solutions

Our Web Gauging System provides valuable measurements to optimize the diverse nonwovens, textiles and fabrics manufacturing processes. Moisture and basis weight are the key applications across a wide range of non woven materials including spunbond, spunlace, carded, airlaid and hybrid materials.
A range of gauging technologies matching the requirements of the application are available and include X-Ray, Infrared, Laser Calliper Beat and Gamma backscatter