Cooperation NDC (21.03.2017)

NDC Technologies and RAM GmbH announce cooperation

NDC Technologies and RAM GmbH, world leaders respectively in web gauging systems and web inspection for the extrusion, converting, non-wovens and metals markets announce that they will enter into a business cooperation which will means NDC will sell the RAM web inspection systems in a number of territories not covered by RAM. RAM will also engage in supporting NDC by selling NDC gauging systems to its customers. There is excellent synergy here as both parties were keen to point out since in many extrusion, converting and non-woven processes it is not unusual to see gauging and profile control systems and web inspection systems on the same line. The combination of the two product lines will allow the companies to provide their customers with a more complete picture of the manufacturing process, thus enabling more informed decisions to be made on process optimisation.


NDC Technologies has a well-developed international sales and service organisation and is uniquely strong in Asia and China mostly with direct personnel. Its strength in the USA market with many of the key manufacturers and OEMs will allow good coverage of this market for the RAM product line.


RAM Technology has a strong installed base of over 200 systems with a focus mainly on the European market but also with some sales into key global territories. The sales and service network of NDC will give far greater access to the global market for the RAM product range than has been possible to date.


For our customers this cooperation between NDC and RAM will offer one stop shop access for their measurement and inspection requirements and of course it will simplify service support with one organisation handling both gauging and inspection globally.


RAM and NDC provide Industry 4.0 connectivity of key process data which is an important step forward in helping manufacturers produce better product. By combining gauging and web inspection data a more comprehensive picture of the process can be obtained and along with other key process data inputs it becomes possible to find an optimal control solution that ensures not only film gauge is correct but that defects are minimised.