History of R.A.M.


Foundation of Company R.A.M. GmbH


Installation of the first inspection system, which is still in use today


Foundation of R.A.M. Kunststofftechnik GmbH as a 100% subsidiary firm to expand consulting and sales activities in the market.
The R.A.M. GmbH focuses on manufacturing and developing while R.A.M. Kunststofftechnik GmbH provides the consulting and sales. R.A.M. Kunststofftechnik GmbH offers complete solutions for optical inspection and thickness measurement of strip products, moisture measuring using IR sensors as well as residual moisture measurement.


We moved from Floersheim City Center to Floersheim-Keramag, where we are still today, Boettgerstraße 6b.


Currently more than 180 of our inspection systems are used successfully. These systems ensure the quality of film in manufacturing, paper, nonwoven, plastic sheets and steel-plates (alloying).
Our software “CAMEN” (Computer Aided Manufacturing Environment) allows custom integration into existing machine structures.
Universal analysis tools enable the online analysis, alerting and analysis of post-production data. Our modular web inspection systems allows for easy expansion for growing requirements.


Worldwide we have more than 200 inspection systems installed and successfully running.